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Anxiety and now celiac

My head and physical

Symptoms are all over the place. I have pains u my back , my abdomen , pins needles arms, hands and legs and headaches Plus my gastro and bowels are all over the place. Feel like in falling apart physically and mentally again, just tested positive for a blood test for coeliac and awaiting endoscopy stage - health anxiety a sayng that's it they will put camera down and find cancer . I'm exhausted and fed up wish this would stop . Why is it when you are feeling good it grips you again

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This is a link to a list of symptoms of B12 deficiency - from the range of problems that you list it may be worth getting your levels looked at.


Unfortunately the serum B12 test is not a clear cut test for various reasons - normal range doesn't necessarily mean you don't have a problem and recommendation is treat on basis of symptoms not results in the UK though it can be extremely difficult to get that through to GPs.

If it seems a possibility then you may want to post results on the PAS forum


I was diagnosed with Celiacs 20 years ago and I also suffer from extreme anxiety. The good news I can tell you is that once you get your Celiacs treated for awhile it can go into remission but shows up when you get extremely stressed. I learned about the diet I can eat and have no problems now that I have the Celiacs under control - except if I am under extreme stress. I am also B-12 deficient. Every person is different so your experience may not be the same as mine.

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