Did weed permanently damage my brain?

I smoked weed every day for about 2 years straight and binged on and off since then. I think it caused me to develop derealisation, because I quit three years ago but since then I have felt high all the time, but not in a good way. Its very scary and has caused me to develop anxiety as well. I always have a constant feeling of dread. Did smoking do this? Will my brain never be "normal" again?


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3 Replies

  • I have no personal experience of the effects of smoking weed. However, it is said that it can cause paranoia and anxiety. Why don't you go to the doctors and speak to them about your worries and symptoms. A doctor will be in a far better position to comment and will almost certainly have dealt with current and ex weed smokers and will have an array of remedies.


  • I would say it most likely did cause it but your gp can help. Great you have stopped now. Go speak with your doctor and just be honest thats the best way forward. You will get better. Try get into mindfulness on you tube or watch Steven Furlick Be brave, he is brilliant x

  • I do not believe weed can do that kind of damage to your brain. It can cause forgetfullness over a time period but you haven't smoked daily in three years, its out of your system by now.

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