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Just checking in:-)

Hellloo everyone , to all old & new friends , haven't written for some time , but I mist admit last few weeks have been tough &,I knew I needed friends , kinda hot me at once I'm a very happy go lucky kinda girl ,but I have had health issues etc ,been on here some time, my set back git the bug had bad chesty cough,lack of sleep working extra hours & also trying to look after our 3 year old felt shocking ,meanwhile just felt unloved in appreciated by partner really started thinking where our relationship is going and wondering if he would fight to make sure um.happy so been very anxious I do love him so much &,our boy bless he been so unwell too ,but sometimes you feel like running over the hill &,far away , at the mo I'm feeling very rundown every ache pain niggle in my body panicking now got pneumonia,I went docs ova day convinced he missed something , idid have thyroid issurs this time last year , so dodent help thinking laid in bed just thinking please sleep & wake up everything will be shiny & new again including me ha ha x big hugs binkynoo x

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Binkynoo, Sorry you are experiencing these feelings. However, they are not unusual and you are not alone. Your happiness should not depend on someone's behavior towards you....but oh how I know that it does often. You have self-worth as a human being is what you think of yourself. Appreciate yourself. See a therapists if necessary. Make sure you have been check out by your doctors and accept their results. Living by yourself would probably eliminate some of your anxiety. Prayed for you.


Thankyou steadfast nice words and understanding , I need to get better and look at things better too happiness & health very top 9f my list big hugs speak soon binkynoo:-)


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