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Checking my pulse.


Hi guys, new to this. I was checking online to see if anyone suffered with the same sort of habits that i just can't seem to break. In fact half the time i dont even realise i'm doing it anymore. I check my pulse about 20 times a day. I'm worse in the evening when i'm relaxed as i feel my heart is just going to stop. My heart rate seems too low sometimes and it stems from my anxiety. I know in my own mind i'm fine but those dreaded pains we get in our chest, down our left arm and in my back convince us we're having a heart attack. I know it wont happen but that doesn't stop the panic of knowing that it can just happen, to anybody and what if that somebody was me? What if my kids have to be the ones to find me? How do we control that fear? I've gone off track but my mind wonders and instead of thinking about one thing at a time, i'm thinking of 100! So, who else has this bad habit of checking our pulse?

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Yes! I have the same problem if I'm super relaxed I think my heart is so slow but then I check it and it's normal rate. I just have to keep telling myself nothing is wrong with me it's just anxiety in our dam heads!!!!!!! it's like annoying a little bug you just have to keep pushing it off.

Its a relief to know that i'm not the only one. I used to wonder why someone found it benificial to know people in similar positions but i understand it now. Its because you realise that you are going to be fine, you aren't going to have a heart attack, its your mind thats making you think like that but i still wake up every morning wondering why i got myself so anxious about going to sleep incase my heart stops during the night. Its a constant battle in my head!

Me to it's a constant battle in my head and I keep holding my breathe sometimes!!

Im have the same habits. I though i was goin crazy.

The reason why you check so much is because it is the only thing you focus on. Imagine, a guy waiting for the girl of his dreams to call. He is always looking at his phone to see if they called or text. Checks almost every 5 minutes.

Same thing is happening here. You are fixated on your heart that you check your pulse.

If you had something wrong with your heart at the moments you need to check your pulse, chances are you would not have enough time to check because you probably would be passed out...=)

I used to have this issue. Sometimes I still do. But I know that I am fine because I have been checked by a cardiologist doctor. I still felt the same way but I did not want to discount the expertise of the doctor.

The only way to relieve yourself of anxiety or health anxiety is to let go and not pay any attention to what you are feeling. Easier said then done, I know, but you need to re-teach yourself that not EVERYTHING is a sign of your dying. Remember your body is a machine and it takes a ot for it to just stop. Your body is built to keep you alive, NOT to just stop working.

What am I saying? Trust in those that are giving you professional advise in that you're fine and continue to live your life you would. Little by little it will go away.

The way I learned to live with and control my health anxiety: God, Jesus, Prayer (seriously the best thing I could have hoped for out of all of this is a personal relationship and trust in God and Jesus) Hope, Faith, Acceptance, acknowledging my anxiety and not trying to fight it.

If you want to learn about my testimony just reach out to me. =)


Me! It only makes everything worse 😫

I could have written your post word for word. I know exactly how you feel. Hang in there, anxiety is so mean to us sometimes

What help can you get for anxiety. I mean I'm very bad with anxiety and it hisent nice to have. Mel

If you give up the battle going on inside your heads and allow the thoughts and feelings to come and do nothing about them, your anxiety and all it's symptoms will disappear. It is the battling that is keeping your anxiety alive because you are trying to fix your anxious thoughts with an anxious mind! 🤔 It's like putting out a fire using petrol.

Hi HappyOnTheOutside , I to used to feel my heart beating wildly and check my pulse. Used to go to the e.r, thinking something was wrong. I now have a oximeter. ( I have copd). You just pop that on your finger, and theres your pulse and oxygen level. It's 👍 great. Some might say I'm feeding into my anxiety. I don't believe so. I've stopped going to the e.r and even stopped checking my pulse. It was always ok, when I checked it. Also, when sitting in the Drs. office, ( heart pounding like crazy) he would give a listen, and tell me My heartbeat was good. Between all these things, I hardly ever check it now. I still feel my heart beating fast, but know it's just anxiety. Ruby🌹

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That is the right attitude to have rubyred777. Getting on with life knowing that it is just anxiety. You are accepting which is key to recovery. Some symptoms will linger for a while but these too will disappear as your nerves de-sensitise because you are no longer keeping them sensitised by constantly worrying and fearing the feelings. 👍👍

Me too, only I check because pulse is high!

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