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Please someone

I was just sitting there then all of a sudden I felt like I can't breath!!!! I had this rush of warm feeling in my body what is this my hearts beating so slow it feels like!!! But this morning I was convinced thay I have a bloodclot in my lung. What if I have??? My aunties death i duno if this or am I actually dying someone help please I really don't feel right. I'm scared I'm about to stop breathing!!!

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When we are sitting relaxed our heart beats become slower, basically it is like a car ticking over and when we do something stressful your heart will race, this gets the blood flow to increase and more oxygen is taken into your blood to keep your body supplied.

If you were to have a blood clot in the lung this would block the blood and oxygen the body needs and you would die. All I can say if you had a clot like that it would be ta ta world and you would be transported to a new dimension.

If you are so worried about this, please see your GP and they would arrange tests to prove you are worrying over something that has not happened. for your own worries have words with your GP asap.

When we suffer anxiety we suffer worries that we make to much of we over sensitize our worries and we need to understand what these problems are. Your GP will arrange medications and possible talking therapies with a CPN who will give coping exercises.

Talk to your GP, good luck



Kayla I have had that warm rush loads of times but I had it last month were I felt I was gonna stop breathing and die. Its not good. U know im here if u need me xx


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