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Hi I posted a few days ago still getting pain in hip/pelvic back legs and sometimes feels like I've got a stitch I am so worried can't get negative thoughts out of my head my mouth is dry I feel shaky could really do with someone who knows what I'm going through sick of feeling like this I have kept off google as I am scaring myself to much anyone else like this x

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My first thought is "have you seen a doctor for this pain you are having?" There are many possibles - all of which are NOT life threatening. You could have a muscle pull ... It is so good you are staying off Google. It will just make you more stressed. One step at a time...check with a dr., do everything to de stress like walk, listen to calming music, practice mindfulness/meditation, and try to think positive thoughts. Keep posting and fight the fear ... The things we are scared of seldom are true. It is the anxiety running your life.

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