Iam back

Iam back

Hi i know i have not been here for a very long time last year was busy to much going on anxity all ways playing up .... Last year I had my baby he is 9 months now after hes birth my anxity got wors i been on tablets but have not done much i got some new ones if any of u have been takeing them in the past or now plz tell me if they are any good o dont like tablets and when the docter said it can make me more anxious that putted me off of takeing them ....


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4 Replies

  • I used those made me feel worst.... But everyone is different :-( wish u the best its been 6 minths straight i been feeling ill all day long

  • Thank u and i hope u feel better and iam thinking i should not take them and try something else

  • I think you need a second opinion. Do you know why you have this anxiety? Is there someone in your family suffering from this? With a baby demanding your time and energy you need to be strong. Go back and see a different Doctor they know that you are a wife and mother, we all need crutches from time to time. Most importantly do not work yourself up, hope your husband is a supportive man. You need to get better for the sake of your family, try to focus on the things you have which are giving you pleasure, your baby your home, your marriage, spring with new life, lambs in the fields etc. you will soon be better I know it😊.

  • Thank u i will go again to the docters iam not marred yet me and my bf are planing to get marred he does help me with my anxiety

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