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Anyone please x

Hello so I was laying in bed all of a sudden felt like I couldn't breathe still feels like it now!!! Like I'm Suffocating and going to stop breathing any min I'm so scared. I'm feel so weird like I'm in a dream again like I'm not inside my body n not controlling it im scared to death I feel like I'm going to die 😔.. Please someone speak to me , my mind is racing don't wanna die yet

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I feel this way all the time. It's derealization and shallow breathing probably. It will pass and it's normal


You need to focus on something else when you feel this way. i definitely know what its like to feel like you have no control of yourself, like youre not even here or in your body..but YOU ARE! you are. you feel like you need to wake up. wake yourself up. do something satisfying, something rewarding. do something to make yourself feel more alive. go out, do something for someone else, clean, go swimming or something adventurous. you wont feel like that anymore. when you have to do something that requires your whole mind attention and your body will feel yourself. and try not to think youre dying, even thought i know it probabaly feels like it. but YOURE NOT. youre alive. and this feeling is temporary. dont let it rule you or take up your time or space. you'll be alright.


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