Strange symptoms

Ever since September last year I keep getting these times were I've got an upset belly, general nausea and trouble eating. Also feeling weak and really don't like being too hot. It only lasts for about a week and then I'm fine. The last time this happened was mid-January and I thought it might be the last time, but I've just spend this last week unwell again with the same symptoms, just starting to feel a little better today. Does anyone have any idea what this could be?

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  • Hello

    It most likely will be nothing serious if there is a few months in between & then lasts a week , do you feel you may have been going through an anxious time more than usual when this happens ?

    Maybe you could have a word with your doctor & just let them check you over & reassure you if you have not already x

  • So far from January to now is the longest time without it happening again, that's why I thought it had stopped. From Sept to Jan it happened every month, sometimes twice a month. I do want to see the doctor but unfortunately, because of anxiety, it's such a big deal and a huge stress on me to go see him. Yes I have been going through a more anxious time than before, I'm attempting to push through and have been pushing harder than normal lately.

  • It could be anxiety related as you have said you have been feeling more anxious than usual you keep a dairy so you can see if when this happens it is more when you are feeling more anxious you may see a pattern

    It is a big deal also for me to go to the doctors , it is like planning some kind of big mission that seems like mission impossible when I am but somehow I push myself & make it there & it is such a relief after when I have peace of mind , so I understand it been a big thing for you but also worrying & feeling anxious over these symptoms is to which could keep making you anxious without your doctor telling you everything is fine , so maybe ask yourself could you just push yourself that little bit hard as it maybe , tell yourself you only have to do this the once & then imagine when the doctor explains what is happening you will have peace of mind which can be worth the anxiety it puts us through to get out & go to see them :-) x

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