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Tired and frustrated

Yesterday i went to the doc because I was feeling chest pains and the upper part of my stomach felt tight she said i had gastritis. she did a ekg and said my heart was fine blood pressure too was ok. We went over my blood work and said everything came out good. So why do i feel dizzy in the morning when i wake up? I get scared and my heart starts beating fast i just hate this :-( how do i know if i have anxiety? Once I called the ambulance because I was having a panic attack but at that moment i didn't know what it was so if i get panic attacks does that mean I have anxiety? And I'm always tense my body hurts from being so tense and my posture got worse sitting and standing. My doc prescribed me a muscle relaxant called Flexeril (i probably spelt it wrong ) I'm just tired of all this I'm constantly worring about my health and to top it off my dad had a stroke 4 days ago :-(

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I understand about how you feel. I am what my sister called the family medical conundrum due to our parents died when we were younger and or disappeared so we have no medical history other than deaths about them...I have had Cancer, 2 strokes, I have Crohns disease, other issues and more recent I have Cardiomyopathy. I was diagnosed with Congestive heart failure last year. I found out through some of my dads friends he did have some heart issues and we did not know about that at all...I get very nervous at times but what I had to understand was what type of QUALITY of life was I having by stressing about over all of this.. Who I spend time with, who I love and what I do I can control and there are things we cannot control and that can be one of them... I am here if you want to talk...I am sending love and hugs....Take things day by day.......


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