Tired and frustrated

Yesterday i went to the doc because I was feeling chest pains and the upper part of my stomach felt tight she said i had gastritis. she did a ekg and said my heart was fine blood pressure too was ok. We went over my blood work and said everything came out good. So why do i feel dizzy in the morning when i wake up? I get scared and my heart starts beating fast i just hate this :-( how do i know if i have anxiety? Once I called the ambulance because I was having a panic attack but at that moment i didn't know what it was so if i get panic attacks does that mean I have anxiety? And I'm always tense my body hurts from being so tense and my posture got worse sitting and standing. My doc prescribed me a muscle relaxant called Flexeril (i probably spelt it wrong ) I'm just tired of all this I'm constantly worring about my health and to top it off my dad had a stroke 4 days ago :-(


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