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My anxiety started about two years ago and it only happens when I am nervous around certain girls that I have feelings for. I never used to get this with other girlfriends I've had in the past it started two years ago and has been going on ever since. I get nauseous when I'm around these girls and I almost vomit. Instead of letting it out, I hold it in and I'm scared eventually I will vomit. My first stage worrying, then nausea, then shaking and numbness in body. How do I stop this and calm down? Please help

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What u have is social anxiety u must practice some techniques to help u control that anxiety

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hi there have you been to your doctor to see if theres something he can give you to make you less anxious ! anxiety is a vicious cycle worrying about events in your past and not being able to forget them no matter hard to try ! everybody is different in how anxiety affects them thats why its best to see your doctor and get help that fits you ! take care and good luck david


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