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Anxiety simplified.....please read

Firstly this is only my view but I hope it helps someone.....i,lol try to explain in lay mans language.....

We are drowsy and tired and really can,t be bothered with anyone or anything, we are quite happy and relaxed. We are like a car on Tickover at 800 revolutions per minute..

We are anxious, worried and every little negative thing sticks in our anx....phobia..etc etc. we are like a deer in the woods..jumpy..always fearing predators...untrusting of anything we do not understand....if not worrying already we are ready to be fearful at the first opportunity and literally subconsciously look for something to negatively worry about. We are now like a car engine on high revs..4000 revolutions per minute.

The thing to first note is a car kept on these high revs will eventually blow up!

So what is the answer?

Well you won,t get nothing done when you are on Tickover , but it is good for recovery periods.

When we are pleasantly active we may be running ( that means our head and metabolism ) at 1500 revolutions per minute....and when pushed maybe 2000 rpm......this is the life.

Take your foot of the accelerator not let your racing head, racing heart, and metabolism exceed this for long periods.

How do we decelerate

A walk in nature and listen to the silence

A hobby you enjoy

Mix with good people, not ones who drag you down

Miss the is normally negative

Don,t read newspaper full of negative sorties....( buy people's

Spend more time outdoors

Read good, uplifting books

And you will discover other ways.

But remember you will get better, not in a week,not in a month...For me it was 5 mins a day.....after all we were anxious for a time, nothing gets better overnight.....never give up.

May your God take care of you!

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