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Attention Deficit Disorder & Adrenal Hormones - Article

Stress is not just mental, it quickly jumps to a physiologic effect. When the brain perceives stress, it sends both chemical and nerve signals to the adrenal glands ordering them to make two short-term stress hormones [epinephrine and norepinephrine] and the long-term stress master hormone cortisol. Not eating regularly enough and getting low blood sugar also spike cortisol levels. Cortisol is now known for promoting the dreaded stress-gut that gives chronically stressed people that apple shape....

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Can u translate this please


Hi es27, did you read the full article?


i surely did i am willing to read or listen to anything that helps this one was a bit over my head in places

But i guess i get the basic points of sleep nutrition exercise and relaxation.

Perhaps simplify was more what i meant than translate any how i must have got the point of the article even if i have no idea how i got there

Take care


For me what is interesting is that some people develop thyroid problems, ADD, etc after adrenal exhaustion. Never read that ADD in particular could be caused by adrenal exhaustion. I suppose there are better sources on the internet though.


For me i am still trying to figure out what caused my anxiety in the first place so i find articles that link anxiety to anything an interest i have heard of thyriod issues causing anxiety . Tbh i have not heard of add though i have heard of adhd are they similar or am i missing the whole point of what add is ?


ADHD is the same as ADD (I think ADD must be the US version). In regard to what caused your anxiety in the first place, mine, I believe stems from my childhood. How would you describe your childhood?


childhood was probably typical of an eighties child divorce a bit of bullying at school.

But i dont have any resent or deep angst regarding either . I think my folks did there best by me at the time and continue to do so ( i wouldnt go back and try to change history )

Bullying at school i look on now as me being over sensitive to what was in reality playground banter .

I never really wanted for anything had holidays etc friends a healthy diet and exercise .


Well, it's quite probable, if you had good self-esteem/confidence in childhood, you had a knock later on in life? But in any case, what makes you feel anxious?


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