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Praise for you all

First timer and amazed at all sufferers and the help they try to give others.I am almost 80 yrs old,recently diagnosed with af,enlarged heart and a leaky mitral valve,have had an angiogram and electrocardiogram and am told arteries are good.Am taking meds for high bp and cholesterol....and Rivaroxaban....feel as if my time is almost up...do get wondering if today will be my last on earth and try not to panic,after all its been a long life and lots of you are so young to be suffering.Love to you all and keep up the good support network.xxx

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Aw, you are so kind. I'm sorry you have that going on, but I'm sure you've brought a lot of people great joy and continue to do so daily :)


Thank you Traibooks,I hope you are feeling a little better yourself,i think this site is amazing with the amount of info we can give and receive and maybe comfort each other.God Bless.x

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Hey Joonie ... 80 years young. You got me by a few years but by golly you are hip enough to be on the internet, on this site and sharing your story. Sounds to me like there is a lot of life left ... don't you ever think otherwise. Modern medicine is amazing ... they have diagnosed you and have a treatment plan. Yes, every day IS a gift - that applies no matter what the age. I would say it is quite natural for you to feel anxiety and panic symptoms. Anyone would. I hope you have friends and acquaintances, some kind of activities that you can enjoy, maybe even a pet. It seems as if things are always worse when we are alone. You have found this site and that means that you are NOT alone. Post, share and learn. There are more things that you can share, I am sure. Be as well as you can be and know that you are not alone. Blessings to you.


Thankyou Boawoman...at present i live with my sister,after relocating from NZ after 38 yrs.Nursed hubby with cancer there until 2010.lost my little dogs,one to prostate cancer,the other to leukemia? Sold up and come back to UK after suffering a cerebral bleed..no one to help me over there...one son and family in NZ,one in Australia and daughter in South Africa....so its a whole new ball game....

cannot fault the NHS as they are sorting me out.

Hope i have helped someone along the way,....i appreciate any kindness,thank you.xx


Wow think we could a learn a thing or two from you ! We are all here to syport and its that syport that gets us all through . Everyone's experience is different but the symptoms we share

I am so glad to hear they have you and meds to sort no

And cholesterol I'm sure there lots more adventures and stories yet !

I could def

Learn a few tricks from you ! Here anytime you need an ear you amazing woman ! X


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