I duno what's wrong with me even if I feel sick I think I'm dying if I have a sore throat I'm thinking it defiantly must be cancer if I have a headache I must have a bleed to the brain in my heart beats fast that means there Deffo something wrong with the heart. I just don't know why I keep thinking this way. I was fine never thought like this. I was a normal teenage girl , then one night I was laying in bed had a pain in my chest n I run down the stairs to my mum and I thought I was literally dying so did my mum I called the ambulance but that's when I had my fist ever panic attack and from then it's ruined my life constantly worrying about my own health and I can't get it out of my head. Right now I got a burning sensation in my chest and I keep burping and I get sick in my mouth does anyone get this?

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  • When I was a teenager the same thing happened to me. I lived life totally terrified most of the time. It was so awful. My heart goes out to you. No one ever explained anything to me so I didn't understand "anxiety" at all. One day I got brave and I got a book out of the library. It explained things up to a point but I had a panic attack just reading the darn book. Fear can be so crippling. I learned a few things from that book though. I really was unable to fight back until I talked to a doctor that explained things completely. He gave me some medicine (which I was afraid of too) but I tried it and it really helped me. I took it when I needed it - and it worked. Once you break the chain of fear you can begin to take back some control. Yes, I still have panic attacks once in a while but most of the time I can ride it out. It really helps to talk it out so I am very glad you posted what is happening to you.

  • Yeah any little pain I get in my body I think it's a bloodclot. Like right now I'm thinking I can't breath and I'm screaming. I really can't take this. My family is going out for a meal but I don't want to go because I can't seek medical help quickly and I don't want to run around screaming I can breath I will look like a right idiot just don't know what to do. Just want someone's help why do I feel like I can't breath I just know I'm going to die I know I'm not going to make it to my 20th birthday

  • Health anxiety for u huni I live with it all day every day today Im convinced I have nose and mouth cancer I hate feeling like this xx

  • Omg I'm so sorry to hear that :( I'm just so paranoid about my health. Do you smoke? X. Are you getting any medication for your cancer ? My dad has cancer and it's actually spread to most places to his body. I hate the thing

  • Used to smoke and No I don't have it well I hope not anyway but every day I'm convinced I do have cancer and today is my nose which is a first for me x I'm very sorry to here about ur dad is lost my dad 14 years ago to lung cancer xx

  • I was just reading up about cancer now I think I got it :(. I duno why I'm like this at this age people my age don't even think about dying every single person I know thinks I'm a weirdo .. I got a massive headache and I think iv got a bleed to the brain and I got pains in legs and I'm scared I got a bloodclot traveling in. My legs to my heart or lung and die. My uncles brother he was only 30 and he died from a bloodclot that travelled to his lung. But couple months ago doctor gave me a blood test to see if I got bloodclots in my leg even though he said he know I haven't but just for my piece of mind it come back normal just scared :(

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