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Working with Anxiety- how do I do it?

I'm 19, I lost my job due to my anxiety. Fear got overwhelming and I have been an emotional wreck. That was two weeks ago, today i am getting a new job and I'm terrified.. Because I'm scared the fear and anxiety will consume me again and I will end up quitting that one too! How do I work with anxiety? How do I keep a job? it seems so difficult. I don't know how people handle "regular" life tasks.

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I have suffer anxiety for over 7 yes and now I"m in medication to be able to control it its not easy to have anxiety or be able to overcome it


Going to work is one of the more regular thing in my life. See if you can site yourself near an exit or toilet so you can take yourself out, if you start to get anxiety you can get some air or go in the loo.

You are never too young or old to learn what works for you in blanking out these negative feelings. Deep breathing, concentrate on something like reading, singing (even if its in your head) , etc - whatever you find works for you.

all the best in your new job, you'll be fine.



Thank you so much


I know how you feel, I had to stop work beacuse my anxiety it's horrible I'm 19 to , I have to go back next month but I really don't want to beacuse I'm scared :(. I get how you feel I don't know how people can work with anxiety


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