Hi, would love to hear any views on the above medication. Been on it for 6 weeks now and have gone from 10mg to 30gm and have just put myself up to 40mg as I can't get a dr's appointment for another week? I thought it was working brilliantly but everytime I feel better for a few days the anxiety starts to creep back in? Have just gotten my appointment for CBT and would love any thoughts on this as well. Thank you :)


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  • The citalopram, just like any other med, won't 'cure' your anxiety. It will take the edge off it, maybe more, but you can learn techniques to make you less fearful of the anxiety symptoms and this will work far more effectively. The drugs are really to help you over a bad patch and help you cope. I recommend Mindfulness meditation - get a book by Danny Penman and Mark Williams (amazon) with a CD at the back with short, comforting and reassuring meditations on. It's about watching the breath, in and out, accepting how you are feeling without judging it and learning to live in the moment rather than in the future or past - or in fear. Give it a try - but do keep at it because it's meant to be done regularly to have the best effect.

  • Hi Izzy. I have been on 20mg of citalapram for quite a while now for social anxiety, panic attacks and occassional depression. I have found that it works as an anchor to nullify the seriousness of my panic attacks. I tried to drop down to 10mg, but a minor issue made me up it again to 20mg, and I am content to stay on that. I have had a couple of rounds of CBT and to be honest I found they worked to a degree, I perhaps wasn't fully commited to CBT at the time, and I found it emotionally draining. I recommend that you give it a try though as everyone is different. Take care and all the best, Simon.

  • Hi Simon,

    thanks for replying; until I had this illness I didn't realise how many others were suffering with it as well and I've heard some real horror stories so I'm very glad I sought help before I got too bad with it. I will certainly try with the CBT ... I am determined to take any help that is available in the hope that it might lead to me eventually reducing my medication but in all honesty if I need to take medication to keep me sane (whatever that is) then i'll happily take my pills. What I would really love is to get rid of the constant ache in my jaw which I think I get because of constantly gritting my teeth! Anyway, thanks again for replying and best wishes. Izzy xx

  • hi izzy,

    I now look at it like this when I have a headache I take paracetamol, if I had high blood pressure I would take them so why not take anti's when you have anxiety /depression I used to be med phobic and this is now how I look at it.

  • Hi izzy, Not a problem, glad to help. Sounds like you are doing everything right, all the best with CBT, let us know how you get on. I find that chewing gum helps regulated my anxieties. If gum is your thing you could always see if chewing, reduces the amount of gitting you do. Hope everything works out for you. If you ever want a chat, please get in touch. Simon.

  • hey were you given citalopram just for anxiety because i take it for depression along with propanylol for my anxiety , maybe ask your gp about propanylol ? i find it brilliant and take it once a day regularly and the other doses only when i need them , its what my gp recommended and makes me feel more in control of my meds . on a good day i can be proud i only needed one dose to get through the day :) i am still awaiting counselling/cbt

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