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Internal body sensations


Hi all I have hypothyroidism and also anxiety (anxiety since being hypo) I have really bad balance problems also internal shakes racing heart but I also get I really bad tightness all over my top half, when it happens it's that bad I tense up and clench my teeth it's like my nerves are grinding this makes me feel quite ill, also the balance is much worse, do any of you have the same symptoms or is it just me x thanks

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It's not just you. I had thyroid cancer and had surgery and radiation 10 years ago. Ever since then my levels have never been right. I'm currently hyper and have high anxiety and everything you describe. I'm hoping my levels straighten out soon. I also have severe health anxiety. I have PVCs and PACs and PSVT and always am in fear of a heart attack.

I have this, quite often. It's related to Adrenals & adrenaline rush. Much better since Endo prescribed Beta Blockers, 10mg twice a day. Controlling anxiety & panic attacks with it.

When mine is bad I wake up shaking so I take one tablet about 8.30pm and this helps at night.

Are you on T3? That can cause a bit of the shakes if you are sensitive to it, which I am. If not on T3 you may not be converting T4 well enough and getting build up of thyroxine in your system.

Get FT4 & FT3 checked.

But for me beta blockers work well. Hoping my Adrenals will recover in time, takes a while according to Endo. Try to relieve as much stress as possible. Not easy!

Hi Flowerpower_nafas, I was very interested to hear that Beta Blockers could help me with my anxiety due to adrenaline rush, but am concerned about the side effects:

Hi no I'm not on t3 did try it with t4 but made it much worse so just in levo right now, unfortunately I have a lot of stress that cannot be avoided right now so I think this Is making it much worse, I have beta blockers but I don't think they are helping me much x

Hi. I'm Hypo, on thyroxine. I have had anxiety issues all my life. It hasn't always been severe, only after long periods of stress. My thyroid problem was diagnosed around 12 years ago but my anxiety flared about 4 years ago. I have balance problems but I think it's due to severe tension in my neck and shoulders and a sensitized nervous system. I noticed you say you clench your teeth, I do too. I get a tightening across my nose and my eyes. I think the muscles of the jaw and base of skull tighten and affect the balance system.

I have no side effects from beta blockers. They are non addictive & can be stopped at any time. X


Hi my husband has hypothyroidism also. He shakes so badly without his meds its horrid to see. He gets dreadful cramps in his bottom half rather than top. We didn't think that was linked but perhaps it is. He is now very anxious and irritable where as two years ago he was the life of the party always laughing and making others laugh too. I suffer from anxiety hence being on this site and naturally my husband's condition causes me more anxiety especially since he has lost over 8st in 10 months!. I'm sorry to bother you and tell me to get lost if you want but talking to you might help me understand what IS happening, and what WILL happen to my husband. Are you getting your thyroid removed or other? How long have you been told you should expect to feel anxious or depressed? Do u feel ill with it? Xxx I wish u all the best and hope u feel better very soon xxx

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Hi I would say get a print out if his results from tsh etc and post them in the thyroid site where he will get lots of answers, I have had this for 13 years since being diagnosed and I also too had a very good social life, I suffer every day with this it's horrible I take beta blockers to try and help with the symptoms, What has your gp said about the weight loss you husband has said anything at all, feel free to message me if you would prefer x

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