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Helloo to you all

Hi everyone , really hope everyone is good & well thinking of you all tonight and managed to read some of your posts nit sure if any of you are awake , the wind is wild tonight where I am . I am very much try g to.stay fouse and don't want yo go down the path I was this time last year thyroid issues & anxiety , even though my mind is racing it's nice to listen to everyone & not feel alone even though its near 1am, iv decided my plan is to keep my mind so occupied I won't suffer anxiety . So I look foward to making a nice breakfast for me & my lil one and I will try use some quality time to do whatever even if it's just 3o mins a day to sit read a magazine I need to do it , iv been enjoying a few lay ins over the Christmas holidays that's helped keep a bit of anxiety at bay , otherwise you feel like you running on empty barteries . That's my thoughts & feelings fir today big hugs you all binkynoo zzzz

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Hi, I find the wind and rain comforting for some reason when I'm in a nice warm house. its interesting to hear that your anxiety is less if you have a good sleep as I am the total opposite to that, if I have over 6 hours the next day I feel like I'm going "mental", anxious thoughts run through my mind, if I'm tired they are easier to keep at bay. Its strange how different people respond in different ways and having varying coping methods.


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