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Hi guys,

Recently my anxiety has gotten really bad and a few weeks ago I had a huge panic attack at the gym (my favourite thing) I love working out and I have to especially because my wedding is in 3 months.

Now though I get up to go and start panicking so bad and cannot bring myself to go. Each day I think yes I can do it but feel like I'm failing and im terrified I'll never get better.

Im seeing my GP and psych regularly.

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Sometimes we have to face our fears to overcome them, you go back there tommorow, dont leave it to long because if you do your fear will grow bigger and become overwhelming. A panic attack wont kill you, fight them back, dont let them win. When I have things like that happen to me, dizzy, faint, sickly etc in supermarkets or crowded places then I go right back to that place the next day, on my own and I stand and say to myself ' i,ve won ' You,ll be fine, good luck.

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Thats a great idea. Thank you ill think of it that way


LOL I do the same, I find my self arguing with my anxiety, I also do it before a panic attack when I am going somewhere where I know it is going to affect me ie Job interview. I say "It's not going to work so don't bother"


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