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On and off stomach ache ? help ?

okay so i have Emotophobia ( fear of vomit ) and my stomach has been hurting on and off for 4 days straight . one minute , i feel fine and happy , but then the next , i feel sick to my stomach . im scared bc sometimes ill feel choked up and of course , i have the fear of being sick . also , im going to my doctor tomorrow . so hopefully nothing serious is wrong . and also , I've been taking ibuprofen, tums , and pepto , but it only helps a bit . help ?

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Where you taking the ibuprofen before all this started for something else?

Cause it could be the ibuprofen causing stomach acid problems.

If you know for sure you suffer anxiety it could just be that, I went 1 month with stomach pains and nausea and it was all do to stress and anxiety. I've calmed down a bit and the stomach issues are gone :)

Good thing you have the appointment tomorrow, sending you positive vibes your way In hopes that it's not something bad :)



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yeah . i went and it turns out i have strep throat . :(


Strep throat caused all that?


Well at least now you know what's wrong


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