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Can't sleep can't rest in morn new sort pill to take as ones I was taking no one get them maybe been took off maker .. keep going panic attacks job get self our them hate pills also in some water infection ... but sacred new anixerty pills now be bad took one but got take 3 a day o help what say hubby .. but now got take them as can't just leave pills off after 38 yrs xxxx

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Hi numb 1234, really hope you manage to.sleep , it's makes everything worse if we don't I'm feeling pretty dizzy and strange at the mo and want nothing more than just sleep plus g early tomo so feel.a little anxious , it's such a horrible thing plus I reckon fighting an infection ,;it's gonna be a long January but plenty of lavender baths are on the caRd x big hugs binkynoo x

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Feel for u binkyno. . Sorry your suffering to dizzy I get not gd .. panice attack worse hope u sleep to more so if your at work thanks so much replying xx numb


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