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Chilly and Hot

Okay, so two people in my family have had a cold. And today, i woke up and felt fine but then later on, start to feel run down and my skin is hot but when i move I get chills. My mom says I do not have a fever, but it kind of feels like one. I also feel slightly light headed, but my diet has sucked and my sleeping has been off.

I am kind of scared that this is a big deal. Is it just my body fighting off a cold? I cant imagine having gotten anything else, as ive been home for Christmas and everything.

I felt this way a little yesterday and while I felt better this morning, it seems to have gotten rough the longer the day goes on. Im checking my forhead a lot and my legs just feel really warm. Mom also thinks hormones but this is ridiculous. My glands arent swollen, either. I just feel super run down and tired, dizzy, and like my body temperature is across the board.

Two days ago I had huge anxiety in the mall. Like dizzy, felt sick, almost ran out. And as soon as I left that feeling disappeared. My brother has had a cold and was on antibiotics for a couple days, but he is okay now. And if this matters, just got off my period a couple days ago.

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Maybe it is hormones im about to get my period as well and I always feel worse when its on or about to come. It might b anxiety playing tricks on u u knw how we convince ourselves something is wrong when nothing really is just take a deep breath an get some rest im struggling to sleep now


Even with feeling like my skin is burning? My stomach is fine, i just feel lowsy.


Burning sensation is also symptoms of anxiety


But I'm chilly AND my skin is warm. But no fever.


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