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Eyes wide open

Hi everyone ,

well just can't sleep my mind is racing , my jaw aches i feel tired , well decided yo have a bowl of cereal and come on here , iv missed everyone and hope are all well who I used to chat to , it must be this times if year feeling very anxious a lot going off wirh family ,dosent help, hoping to have a cosy xmas eat lots ,have that lovely full feeling & sleep & relax :-) watch movies , it really helped talking to everyone when I was at my worst & got through it , I'm just hoping om.not starting again , but I know you all there if I feel I'm falling into this anxiety way again. Chat soon binkynoo try get some shut eye x

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Hey don't start thinking that way.

I'm glad you were able to get through it the first time. Maybe it's just a lil anxious nous for the holidays

I'll be praying for you to keep on your road to good health and no looking back!!

Thank you for the holiday wishes

Hope you have a wonder holiday and a new year.



hi there binky noo try not to be to hard on your self im sure you can stay well ! regarding your sore jaw have you been to a dentist lately you grinding your teeth in your sleep hence the sore jaw which the dentist can help you with ! i hope you have a great christmas and a happy new year take care david


Hi there

That bowl of cereal can be very comforting :-)

If you feel like chatting just fire away! As Xmas approaches I could do with some chats too so happy to read & reply if you do too!


Hi there 689908, well round 2 ha just thought I would say hello , not quite myself feel like coming down worn something , I hope nto, never a good start yo new year , came to bed at 10 obviously still awake my mind is whirling , my ears are throbbing & sinus painful so sort from the years stresses I reckon a sinus infection coming on great ha ,few early nights will be in order next few days ha , maybe anxious top has this time last year felt shocking was diagnosed with my thyroid overactive due to graves disease do that prob playing on my mind too , I have been doing well last 4 months so fingers crossed . Hope chat soon and you are well binkynoo xx:-)


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