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Anxious? Hope this helps

Anxiety is the problem......a racing mind stuck in negative/ fear mode.

It can race around picking on anything(general anxiety disorder).

Or it can focus on one subject ( health/social etc)

So for instance if you suffer from health anxiety then anxiety is you problem and health is the subject your mind has chosen.

Anxiety will diminish when you find ways to slow your racing head, simples

Distraction technique....hobby you enjoy....a walk with nature....learn to say "no" and do not try to people please, your health comes first....have "me" time.....realise you are important to those you love and love you, but to the worlds population we hold no importance.....our opinion matters to us, but not to others....only give your opinion when asked.

We are intelligent people, but we must learn to use our intelligence in the correct way...sometimes that can even mean bitting our tongue.

And let go our Ego, and realise we are not the centre of the universe, life will go on without our opinions and sometimes interference.

Deal with people with compassion, change your perspective, if there is someone in your life that upsets you realise that maybe they are that way because they have there own mental issues, feel for them they maybe in pain.

Your mind is like a car engine, when you are anxious you have pushed the accelerator and are now doing 3000revs, take your foot off the accelerator, enjoy life when you reach idle speed..800revs"

Merry Xmas.....God bless

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