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Why Do I Have Sudden Anxiety

For most of my life I have enjoyed and been great with people, but lately I've been having sudden anxiety attacks when I'm around others for what seems to be less than 2 hours. I find myself avoiding parties at all costs because around the two hour mark I start to feel shaky, scared and like I'm going to throw up. I feel like an odd sort of Cinderella, because when the clock strikes 120 min, I get a sudden feeling of anxiety and I need to leave immediately. Is there any treatment or simple diagnosis? I've never had anything like this before.

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I have the same feelings, Christmas shopping was a nightmare this year, thank god for the internet, I was taught by the hospital pain clinic to find a quiet place and practice the breathing technique they taught me. I feel sometimes like I'm having a heart attack the palpitations are so bad, but breathing and relaxing does help, not much good in a super market lol x best of luck for over Christmas xx


Sounds like anxiety.

The first moments when you are doing fine are you constantly thinking of that "anxiety alarm" ??

The thing of anxiety is that you have to live in the NOW and not think of the future. Cause that gets you going :)

Till then try to calm your breathing when you are in a situation like that.

There must have been a trigger for this to happen try to find out what it is and hopefully it well give you closure



try talking to your doctor to see what help is available,and eat,sleep and relax well.


Sounds very much like Social Anxiety - seeing a therapist will help you come up with solutions and ways to work around this. Otherwise I would see your doctor and see what he/she recommends - if you check on-line - Beta Blockers are used in helping with situational anxiety. But again I am only repeating what my doctors have told me.

Take care and feel better!


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