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Again we back to square one

Hi ,

I have posted here before . i suffer from anxiety and panic attack since September this year. It started after I stopped taking codeine and this it has been my life since then. I quit smoking cold turkey 4 weeks ago and that was really bad for my anxiety. Now is getting better but still not gone. I don't taky any meditation and hope that I will not need too. I wonder if the anxiety will go away one day or will I suffer every day to rest of my life and should just accept it

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I am so glad you stopped smoking. You should be proud of yourself for recognizing that it was a very horrible habit. There are methods out there. I changed my diet to a much healthier one, no fast food, no high fructose, no sugar only honey and brown sugar where possible. Drinking more green tea. Most important to your health and anxiety is sleep. I cant sleep to save my life. But now, im getting down to business on my sleep. I am going to drink camomile tea with a few drops of meletonin every night, im taking vitamins. So there is hope to overcome. You dont even have to just except that. Do all you can!


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