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Hello, my name is Susie during recovery I have come to accept that I have always had anxiety. My childhood is a blur. But I can remember having panic attacks. Then in my 30 ' s I was in a relationship with "D" for too many years. It's hard to count because do I start when we separated in 2009, or when I finally moved with our daughter with the help of IPV advocates. I am struggling with doctors, lawyers, child Welfare etc. Nobody seems to understand trauma. One of the state's doctors said that there was no hope for me. I have so many issues, there is no way. Yes I recently doubled checked his license is valid. But he works with adolescents issues. I have a lot of documentation explaining the misguided efforts. CPS is trying very hard to Terminate my Parental Rights. Not gonna happen. Does anyone have any ideas on case studies ? "D" tried to strangle me and my daughter walked into the room. She has saved me many times. But I am charged with allowing her to witness violence. WOW

I have fought for myself through out my recovery. And I am really proud of myself. UGH

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That is horrible seriously sometimes the system messes up a lot.

Where are you located?

In the states it's different state to state >:(

And I don't know about uk. Sorry

THERE IS HOPE FOR EVERYONE. Don't you forget that ok honey :)

We sometimes have a rough start in life and goes with us into adult hood but guess what?? You have all the power to get up get out of your situation there is always help to be given if you know where to look.

Do it for you lil love? Give it your all so that your lil angel (come on after saving u all those times :) ) and fight back. You need to follow what your therapist asks of you, and hun don't be afraid to get put in meds to help you out a lil,

K?? If you ever Need someone to talk to come on here :)

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Thank you for your kindness. I will for sure be posting often.


I just reread your response and I want to say thank you again. Past few weeks I have struggled with depression and anxiety much more.. I am sure holidays and anniversary dates filled my brain.. But re reading your post was a comfort.. ☺

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Sorry you are going through those rough spots. Holidays sure do stress people :( remember it's okay to say no and not overwhelm yourself.

Awe I'm so glad to hear that :)

If you ever need to vent or talk pm okay




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