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Nonstop Dizziness for 6 months

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Has anyone on here had issues with dizziness and headaches constantly? It’s getting so bad that I feel like everything around me is fake. I’ve seen so many doctors and none of them have any answers and then I start getting anxious thinking it’s something terminal that they are missing. Then I convince myself I’m dying and it’s just a nonstop vicious cycle that I have no idea how to break or get over. My headaches are never in the same spot, and most of the time my neck hurts along with the headache..

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When I had my first anxiety attack , i was extremely dizzy ... the room was spinning and I experienced the same exact symptoms as yOu... where u diagnosed with anxiety ?

Yeah I was diagnosed with it about 3 years ago.. it’s just confusing because I’m not having panic attacks it’s just a constant state of dizziness and confusion. It’s almost like I’m walking in a bounce house all day long. I’m sorry to hear about the panic attack, those are the absolute worst.

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Have u been check for vertigo? Check in see if you’re a Anemia, low sugar, Magnesium Deficiency, Dehydration, Meningitis, Low Blood Pressure, Anxiety,


Hello.. I had the same ongoing problem for a few months told them I thought I had a brain tumour and I’m scared of dying. Had headaches and dizziness and blurred vision everyday for months. I couldn’t do normal things... I used to take 8 migraine tablets a day to get rid of headaches so they put me on sertraline and got rid of it all together. Maybe ask them about that.

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Sertraline help with dizziness and blurred vision and headaches? Am on Sertraline

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Yes the sertraline has helped me get rid of it. I upped my dose though

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tamka38 in reply to CaraF616

Did your doctor upped for u? I went to the eye doctor yesterday and need stronger glasses and my vision is still blurred

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CaraF616 in reply to tamka38

Yes from 50 to 100mg. Ya I also went to optician and got new glasses but still had the problem until I upped sertraline xx

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Oh ok maybe I need to talk to my psychiatrist only been on 100 mg

For 3 weeks

Hi Earthbound,

I don't think it's terminal. It sounds like you are tied up in knots with so much tension in your neck, jaw, and other head/facial muscles. Look at a diagram of all the muscles of the head and neck- there's a lot to tense up! Headaches are very common for people in the throes of high anxiety.

It also sounds like you are have a very sensitized nervous system in general. Sensitization occurs when there has been so much anxious thinking, so much obsession with how you feel, and for so long, that your nervous system is just exhausted and kind of takes a weird "check out" break. People describe this as "feeling unreal" or "Like watching myself in a movie" or "feeling really detached". The dizziness goes along with it. This is very common with anxiety, it's all normal for the circumstances, and you can recover from all of it.

Check out the resources I have on my profile, especially Claire Weekes. I will post my favorite audio here for you. She describes all of this in depth. Wishing you all the best!

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Yes! Lol I used to have it constantly

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Did you do anything specific for it to stop being constant? Or did it just fade overtime?

Yep! Same for me and for 6 months as well. Trying SSRI meds. Hopefully they help.

My severe vertigo/dizziness were a B12 deficiency. It can actually be severe if untreated (it actually made me bedridden) but the treatment is very simple!

Does any of that sound familiar?

Hi Earthbound14,

You're definitely not alone. I've had dizziness and headaches daily since September.

Sometimes the headaches are towards front of head and sometimes back of head towards my neck. The dizziness is annoying too because it makes me feel off balance.


You are definitely not dying. You have got yourself into a nervous breakdown and I will not be surprised to know you do not really have headaches at all. It seems your mind is just telling your body that you are unwell.

But just to put your mind at ease, you should start taking vitamins and supplements trusting that these will prevent the headaches. I know a couple of natural supplements and vitamins which can boost your immune system

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