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Why is it that everytime its near to my period my anxiety gets worse? And also this head pressure that comes and goes feels like my head is in the clouds or something I dnt even know how to explain it but I do know that im always clenching on my teeth and im trying so hard to break that but sometimes im not aware that im doing it and also my sinus is bothering me because of the weather change im sorry that im saying so much but im soooo frustrated and im praying even more than ever now.

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Hi cwoodside,

Let me me be the first to say that you are not alone. I've been feeling this overwhelming feel of sadness and anxiety because it's around my cycle. I also just got over the flu and my sinuses is always bad. I hate this feeling. I couldn't sleep last night because I keep jolting awake and my heart was racing all night. I'm so tired of this anxiety. Its been 20 years, I want it to be over for good. Blessings to you, hope you feel better!

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Wow kenya 20years omg thats a struggle and you still sometimes think the worse you would think after alk those years u will be sure for a fact its anxiety I feel the same way u do I just want it to go away and never return. The bad thing is also even after my period ends I still cant get out that cycle I just wish we can all find a solution.


Yep! You would think 20 years would be long enough to say, I know what this is and how to deal with it, however, I'm still afraid of the symptoms. Its when you are no longer afraid of the symptoms is when the anxiety will start fading away.


Thank u so much luvtohelp I always dread this time of the month I read its when our bodies are depleted of magnesium and calcium dont knw how true that is.


I agree the symptoms are very frightening no matter how many times they come back sigh


For a second I had to make sure I didn't post this, all of this is me! I just found out I have a sinus infection and tmj. Tmj is when you clench and grind your jaw constantly and is brought on by anxiety and stress mostly. I'm dizzy alot of the time becausr of it and have just been trying to stick my tounge between my teeth when I can catch myself clenching. Also wear a bite guard at night so I don't grind my teeth. Ugh. Good luck! Just thought it'd be nice to know somebody can relate!


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