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well where do I start ....I was first diagnosed with anxiety in 2012 it started with health anxiety.I had a pain in my neck and shoulders and started googling symptoms and hey presto I had every illness going.I ended up having at least ten panic attacks a day .I struggled to understand what was going on and did not tell anyone.In the end it got too much and I broke down to my partner and told him what was happening within my head.He encouraged me to go to the doctors but I refused saying I could handle it myself big mistake I couldnt.I went to see my GP broke down and he immediatley diagnosed me with Anxiety and put me on the waiting list for CBT.He gave me medication to take and asked me to go back the next week.I wasnt keen on taking medication and tried every herbal medication on the market also went on chat forums asking advice.I heavily researched Anxiety and did spend a lot of time on here back then I was very good at giving advice but it didnt help my condition as every problem people had I would then have 10 times worse so I made the decision to have time away from the site.To cuta long story short I went to hell and back with this awful illness.What I describe as the loneliest illness in the world.After many weeks I started CBT and was there for a year it helped greatly .Im not cured and know its going to be with me always but I can control it now.I was so ill with this illness Inever even went over the doorstep for over a year.I battled with benefits,loosing friends and went from a strong confident person to a wreck.I found many things that helped me .Now 2 years on Im working part time and have applied to college to study to be a councillor for mental health.So never ever think you wont get over this illness and please ask me any questions I will try to help

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Good story. I'm really pleased to read that you've had some success and can now control or, at least, contain your anxiety. I'm sure you'll be able to give some helpful guidance when you become a councillor.


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