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I am due to go into hospital for four days on Thursday for a major operation and I'm scared stiff. I am on 50mg Sertraline and have also been prescribed Diazepam by my doctor to take as needed. I don't want to take the diazepam or make too much of my GAD in case the hospital decide I can't have the op so does anyone have any ideas please on how I can keep my cool while coping with anxiety and a fear of hospitals. I'm trembling like a leaf and eating immodium like smarties and this is just for the pre assessment. It doesn't help that the hospital is quite a way from where I live. Any advice would be appreciated. Thankyou

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Hi did you ask the doctor

If it was going to be okay to have the op while on the meds ??

If not you shoukd.

Till then if you don't want to take the meds then do some meditation or do breathing techniques when you feel the panic.

Hope everything goes great and smooth during ur op



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