Do u get this with anxiety?

Sooo lately I been having pain in both of my heels. . Like you would assume I been walking for hours straight and only been doing my normal walking. . If I keep my shoes on in the house its not so bad.. but if I take my shoes off and walk on the hard kitchen or bathroom floor my heals hurt pretty bad.. not bad enough to not walk but enough that its driving me crazy. Anxiety symptom or something I should visit my doc about?



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  • It sounds like plantar fascitis, an inflammation of tendons in the feet. Painkillers may help until it gets better on it`s own. I had the same problem last year, but it cleared up after a few months.

  • It's real pain same thing happens to me if I stand on my tile for a long period of time. It takes a while to go away and at times will affect my back. I bought one of those foam filled mats/rugs to stand on in the kitchen and bathroom. I have it in front of my sink but if I am standing any where for a long period time I slide it around to stand on it. I hope this helps...when my Mother visits she complains it happens to her too...wishing you comfort..

  • Hi. . Thanks for your reply.. I may have to get one of those mats. . Anything to help

  • Sounds like a condition called Planter Fasciitis not sure of spelling but go to Docs.

  • Not much you can do according to my doctor, it's sounds like plantar fasciitis. Ibuprofen at rest. Keep off hard floors on your bare feet.

  • Thanks aall. . I'm going to look up that plantar Fascias..

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