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Chest pains

Does anyone else have chest pains? It's more of a sore feeling. Lately for the last few weeks when I get up in the morning my chest is very sore like i have worked it out really hard all night. When I lay still it doesn't hurt but when I go to sit up from laying down it starts hurting really bad and does that for a few hours. It's mostly on the right side of my chest and does it when I take a deep breath to or try to put my arms over my head.

It will usually go away as the day goes on but then it's there again the next morning.

I just don't understand it.

could this be a anxiety thing?

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I also have the chest pain. I've been having the chest pain for 5 months now. My familly doctor referred to a cardiologist. I've had so many test ran and my cardiologist can't seem to find anything wrong. I get the same answers everytime,"Anxiety"! I told the doctors that there is no way your chest could hurt this long and it be anxiety. I get so stressed out about it because I feel like the doctor is over looking something. But, everytime I talk to a new doctor I get told over and over that its anxiety. Damn!!!! I hate this anxiety! I feel like its consuming my whole life. Anyway, it helps me when I tell myself, "this is just anxiety and there is nothing wrong with your heart". I even use the same tactic when I'm having a panic attack.I've learned to talk myself out of them and put my mind somewhere that is calming and relaxing. I stay away from loud settings because they seem to trigger anxiety. I take walks outside for about 15minutes and I find that very anxiety releaving. Google "anxiety releaving tips ",and you will find all kind of techniques. Good Luck!!!

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Hi :)

Yes it's anxiety, it's one of the many symptoms.

Try mindfulness to help.

Check out or headspace

These should help keep things calm :) x


Yes it is totally anxiety. I had the symptoms you had a couple of weeks ago, I also felt my chest being so heavy, it is mainly because of the way we breathe during anxiety while being unaware of it.

The thing about anxiety is that it delivers many symptoms and while anxiety leave us thinking way too much about those symptoms which may delivers more symptoms and we again think about the new ones. It is a never ending cycle, best thing to do is accept it let anxiety do its thing, let the brain do whatever it wants, leave it until it'll vanish eventually. Sharing your stories here and hearing back with similar symptoms also helps, it helped me a lot.


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