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Feel like crap

Been feeling awsome latley! So much less anxiety then usual, my relationship and job are going great. Alot better then I was this past summer atleast. Usually the mornings after I drink which are usually just the weekends I wake up early in the morning and it's like my hangover is alot worse because the alcohol has triggered my anxiety to skyrocket. Last night I ate before bed (which I know isn't the healtheist choice) and woke up this morning with a weird feeling in my stomach, it's really hard to explain it just feels like my insides feel weird.. Idk if it's because I ate before bed, the drinking/hangover itself, anxiety, or sleeping on my stomach which I usually do. Anyone else deal with something like this? Thanks guys

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I think anxiety can have it's good days as well as it's bad days

You have been doing so well , try not to focus to much on feeling like you have gone backwards as if you had not moved forwards as you had you would have never realized you had slipped back a little

Let the not so good days come , accept them & they will pass again

Hope you are feeling a lot better now :-)


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