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Im a 21 year old male, not very athletic, used to be, don't eat very healthy. Have had lower back problems since high school on and off. Been having trouble breathung latley, when I breathe sometimes through my mouth theres like a flapping or ratteling that comes from the back or my throat that I can't really control. I don't know if something is inflamed or swollen, could be my epiglottis. I also have this dull pain coming from the right side of my back where my lung would be, I think. I don't know if I have a tumor or what could be making it feel the way it does, I've had back problems so it may just be that and the nerves are stressed. Any have an suggestions? I also get really bad anxiety about it and hyperventilate which makes me think I have worse breathing problems.

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Hi Mranxious, what tests has your doctor set up, eg MRI scan, Xrays, etc?


Doesn't sound like cancer symptoms but, being an anxious type, you probably make a habit of thinking the worst whenever you experience new symptoms. It can be exhausting living in fear of illness and I'm wondering whether you've had CBT at any time . . . . . . a good therapist can help you change your life.

For the moment, all you can do it tackle each new anxiety as it presents itself by getting it checked out, if only to eliminate it.

There are countless explanations for unexplained symptoms ; most of them innocent and easily remedied. I hope you'll find some reassurance in having whatever tests your doctor recommends.

All best wishes xx


learn about raw foods the food we are sold is complete rubbish with extra sugar and salt in virtually everything both are toxic to the human body in the quantities we consume and are the basis for all illnesses, the sugar we eat puts our bodies onto a different rhythm and all of our hearts are beating at the wrong rate go and find a natural cures book and learn how to look after yourself and not trust a stranger who is working for money.

just cutting out basic things like cooking with a microwave and getting some sunshine and going barefoot on the grass/beach not concrete will rebalance the energy in your body over a couple of months stop drinking caffeine as this is the same shape molecule as serotonin and stops the uptake of it if you dont get serotonin you will cause anxiety.

we all have to take a driving test and learn how to drive a car but none of us learn how to drive/look after our bodies so to speak.


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