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anxiety and stomach

hi everyone I wanted to ask do many of you suffer with stomach problems I have anxiety gad 24 7 its horrendous im housebound. but the worst of all is the stomach pain on lord its so bad I take tablets and nothing even ouches the side then I read that the most common part of anxiety was stomach pain stomach rumbling causing dioreah and even some people have wrote that they feel like their stomach is falling out I must say yes I suffer with all this and more please does anyone else

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I have the same

My stomach is all messed up

Severe pain heartburn you name it I have it

It's so bad my back hurts

We're you stressed a all?


i have gad too. i am also pretty much house bound. its terrible, my life has changed along with me as a person. so hard. i know how you feel so dont worry your not alone. x


I have the same problem, feel like butterflies in my stomach most time, even wake in the night with it, I have gad too, haven't found anything to relieve, if anyone does please let me know


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