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Hello Friends,

When I learnt that I am a patient of Rheumatoid Arthritis, first I suffered and soon determined to reject all the weaknesses it’s going to cause me physically, mentally and emotionally. I diverted my whole energy and mind away from the disease and focused on developing something that needed creativity. I started designing leather bags, got them manufactured and I now have launched a fashion brand

In the beginning few months were nightmare for me, I could not walk at all and had to take steroid injections to relieve the pain to be able to walk. It happened many times that my hands and fingers were totally stiffed and I could not move them for many days. I was in deep pains and it was hard for me to manage life with two kids. I cried and lost hopes.

I always had a dream to design bags, I realized if I just think about my disease, it will make me weaker which I was not ready to accept. Therefore I decided to start developing a fashion brand one day with all pains. After two years of hard work here I am to share with you a fashion brand, I hope you will all love – and be a part of my journey.

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Hi, I just read recently that rheumatoid arthritis can be a symptom of hypothyroid. This caught my attention as my mum had rheumatoid arthritis and looking back, I believe she had similar symptoms to me and I have hypothyroid, though not rheumatoid arthritis as far as I know.


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