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Heart disease

So I came to a conclusion that people in there early 20s experience a heart problem more from genetics (heart arrhythmia, heart failure etc) far more likely than it being due to CAD (clogged arteries, blockage in viens) . I just wonder how uncommon it is to have / suffer from cad at a young age ? Is it impossible to be 20-25 with cad? Just WONDERING :/ any input ??

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I feel this way a lot of the time.some days good.most days bad.


Depends on genetics or how much you eat and stay active.

My family tends to always have high cholesterol :(

At 19 when I was pregnant my triglycerides where above 350

Normal range 130

So yeah I had to be careful

It's scary but stick to healthy eatig habits and stay active should not be a problem.


I think CAD at 20-25 is very rare and is usually caused by an underlying genetic disease. Even heavy smokers rarely experience heart disease before 35. Certain genetic disorders of lipid metabolism (familial hypercholesterolemia, etc...can cause CAD at early age. You can also search for "premature CAD."


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