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Having a brew :-)

Hi everyone , just feeling a little anxious so I tjought if have a chat, it's late, just having an hotline drink try to relax I has not really slept feel like something is worrying me, oh well just hoping for a good week ahead for us all, my lil boy is sleeping so lovely , so jealous bless him,I'm gonna try do a little excercise this week even if itmeans put some music on some of my old favourite tunes , to help take my mind off me, & hope to have some friends over for tea & cake things I miss doing & due to my anxiety have stopped doing . Here's to a positive week , big hugs everyone. Binkynoo having a brew :-) xx

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I find night time is my worst part of the day. Hope you have a good week!


Good for you! I wish I could join you for that drink!

I am more anxious in the morning because I worry about what may happen in the daytime.

We have to go to a party about 4 hours from here and I am worried I will have a panic attack.

Will not go there! all is well and all will be well! Have a good day! Hugs, Ileen327


I wish you a very nice party , usually if I have something to focus on it can keep me on track , if not I usually have to sit down sip a drink slowly & tell myself everything will be ok , usually I also try have z conversation chatter too , although sometimes I feel a panic coming on. Have a fab time, big hugs let us know how it all went x Binkynoo x :-)


Hi, it's 03:15 in UK- my brew at this time of day/(night) is 'night time' by, if you live in Blighty-try Sainsburys or Tesco, night-night, Simon


Party was fine. But, I was a little panicked in the morning. My hips were hurting very bad in car on way there. I know I was tense and makes things hurt.

I did better on way home! I have to start swimming again, but am anxious about going back to pool. My husband says, I have become a wuss! I have and I hate it! I have to get braver!


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