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Hi Everyone. I am new to this site however I find great comfort in reading all of your stories and seeing how everyone supports eachother. I've been dealing with Anxiety for over 3 years now. Some days or weeks are better and some are worse. Currently I am having some bad 3 weeks. My anxiety is pretty severe, it made my life Completly different. All the things I used to enjoy doing, I can't do now. Walking to the store makes me anxious and sometimes I can't leave he house. Can't eat at restaurants, go to the movies, quit my job and definitely cannot fly. I feel like it's getting worse and soon I won't be able to do anything. Anxiety really restricts my life right now. It's 2am and cannot sleep because I am having bad anxiety. Has anyone ever felt that they're getting worse but were able to feel better?? If yes how?

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Hi lina :-) and welcome. Yes we all support each other as and when we can. I find great comfort in this site when my anxiety is really high. I don't think there is a miracle cure it's more kind of let the anxiety have it's turn and then move on with your day. Have you had any therapy for your anxiety? Any idea what triggered yours to start?


Hi Lina, Yep I am where you are. Can barely leave the house, don't go to movies, go swim( which is my passion etc. ) But, I want to tell you, the therapy works, but it takes time. I went for hypnosis today! I am feeling better. The therapist says that it is cumulative effect for that!

I was amazed how much better I felt after coming out of there!

I would highly recommend it! I know we can all get better. It is just a different road for each of us. Don't give up! God is with us ( have faith) Big Warm Hug! You are not alone! Ileen!


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