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I went to ccs today foe my assessment test today and I have never felt so low in my life. The guy made me so mad, he made me cry. I wanted to run out of there. I tried explaining to him how I felt and how I was afraid I was going to die etc. He says to me well anxiety doesn't just happen out of no where something has to cause it. And says ti me why don't I go ti a mental ward for 3 days to try different medicines. I don't even know what to think. Who am I going to see for my anxiety now if I don't have no one.

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Hello meg90

I do not know what CCS is, Can it be something to do with DWP ??.

Sad to say I do not know what has caused the Anxiety you suffer, this will need to be done through your GP and He will refer you to a CPN or possibly hospital. Believe me I do not think they will admit you to hospital, this is something they would prefer not to do. If you are at risk they will assess your problem and will make any decisions then. So please do not worry, if they do decide to refer you on they will do that with your agreement. if possible



CCS what is that Do you mean hospital You say you wanted to run out you was crying Ir yourRLS getting you down I'm concerned for you What information do you need we can all help you Don't be afraid .


Ccs as in college community services. He told me that my anxiety had to have been caused by something that it doesn't just happen for no reason but honestly nothing caused it. He wantes to send me to a mental ward fir 72 hours to try out different drugs. Uh no im not. I have 3 kids to look after. Idk what to so anymore I feel hopeless.


Yes I been on that drug trial it's no good !! You end up like. Zombie Nd 72 hrs that's long time you would've of been worse try to relax keep carm as you can tell you self you can handle it be strong for your kids xxx

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Hi megs :-) sadly anxiety is caused by something, an event a memory it's always something ...have you tried councelling? Or cbt therapy?


What is cbt therapy


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