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anyone else taking Sertraline?

I finally admitted that I needed help with my anxiety after suffering for 6 months +

I was given sertraline yesterday and took my first one this morning.

I know its going to be long process, but I have felt so much worse today. I couldn't bring myself to leave the house and have felt sick, dizzy and washed out all day.

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Hi. Angel. Sorry to hear of your troubles. Sertraline is, as you know, one of the antidepressants and usually a very effective one. Like all AD's they don't work for everyone and you may have to change until you get one that suits you. It is very unlikely to be the tablets that are making you feel bad as they take a few weeks to 'click in' but is does depend on your make up etc. They are not reckoned to be addictive and can be very useful in getting you over a bad patch. Stick with them and do not be afraid of them. You can come off when you feel better, as you surely will. I took them for a while and they did help. It is not necessarily going to be a long process. Some people recover fairly quickly. It all depends on how you tackle it. To me, one of the most important things is to ACCEPT how you feel AT THE MOMENT. Worrying about how you feel will only make you worse. This is difficult as the natural thing to do is to worry. Be concerned, yes, but that is different to worry. Worry saps your energy and adds fuel to the fire. Keep going on the tabs but try and look forward to a recovery which WILL happen although it takes TIME. Do not be impatient with time. FLOAT along with it there. Don't try and forget it; you won't win that one, but don't give it so much importance. You WILL win. Very best wishes. jonathan.


Thank you so much for your kind words, information and support. Last night was terrible as I was becoming anxious about taking the tablets today! scratch, itch cycle!

I have lived for so long thinking I could help myself but yesterday finally admitted defeat.

I find it hard to find ways to deal with it, I feel like im constantly battling, arguing with myself. It has started to affect my sleep which is making it harder to come to terms with and then affects me the next day.

I have lowers my working hours an take time for m every day but nothing seems to help. Even leaving the house has become an issue :-(


Yes, Angel, constantly battling sums it up doesn't it? But that is just what is perpetuating the problem. You are fighting and struggling with great courage but doing it the wrong way. tell you what. Sit down, take a deep breath, let it out slowly and see if you can make your symptoms worse. (Don't be afraid to do this it won't hurt you). You will find you can't. The good old adrenaline has its limits as to how much it can do but we have to try and limit its actions by loosening up and accepting how we feel at the moment. BATTLING and FIGHTING only increases the loss of energy and that you cannot afford. Arguing with yourself also consumes energy. It is the old viscous circle you have heard so much about on this site. Try and go along with it and STOP struggling. We are all here for you so come back and let us know how you are. Love. jonathan.


Sertraline sent me crazy. I felt worse after taking it. I was given it for PTSD. I tried to kill myself more than once and have been given other drugs. Citalopram worked best for me but made me ill when I stopped taking it. (after 3 years) (as will all when you hit withdrawal.).

The last thing you need is to be sectioned. Think positive. I wish I never took anything.

Try to take regular exercise, and when you do, really tire yourself. When you feel bad, tire yourself again until you are physically sick. Try not to rely on drugs. I understand they are sometimes necessary, but they are not the answer. Later you will have a hard time trying to get off them and you're original problems will re-appear.

I notice you mention you have a house. That's great, right? And you only have had anxiety 6 months. Brilliant!!!

You can really fix this for yourself but you will need to put some effort in!!! It's hard now but YOU CAN DO IT.



P.S It took 10 days for Sertraline to make me feel awful - Mostly side effects found in 1-100 and 1-1000 in my case. Read the label


And don't float like Jonathan says, it takes real effort to tackle a mental health issue successfully. It is a constant battle to recognise what is real and rational and what isn't. You need to work hard, get help and realise that there are always thousands of people worse off. Keep this in mind and ALWAYS KNOW WHEN TO ASK FOR MORE HELP.



I have been on sertaline for 6 months and feel the best I have felt for over 35yrs.I have had CBT which is great and helps me manage my Panic Attacks.I also walk for 4 mile about 4 times a week to release some Adrenalin which overloads me.

I also suffer Health Anxiety which led to me having Depression and thoughts about my own Mortality.Its a dark and lonely place for sufferers but by talking to others who understand and reassure you that you are not on your own you can overcome and manage your Anxieties

stay in touch and good luck x


hey angel,

best not take too much advice from the internet to be honest, as im starting to find that every one is different, what doesnt work for someone, does for someone else, i have had problems with anxiety for too many years and have taken just about every med for it. please, dont write of medication, its great if you can get better without of course, but if it helps take it, i say. i mean cbt did nothing for me, but works well for others, it does take a great deal of effort from you, but meds give a little help, and each little thing that helps makes one big thing. i am currently on 200mg of sertraline a day, plus other meds, in my opinion they are one of the best drugs i have taken, however, we are all different as i said, what is most important is that you hang in there for at least two weeks as the side effects are awful for that time period even when they increased my dosage the side effects started over again, they did level out for me, and im happy with the benefits. if they dont work for you, there are other meds to try, until you are happy. just take all advice on board, but make your own mind up, and consult your doctor, best wishes angel, try to be strong VV


no offence meant to any one please, but you do not get sectioned for anxiety, it would be the wrong course of action to take for someone that is suffering with anxiety, its like someone breaking their arm and having a plaster put on their leg, doesnt happen, oh and thats not me talking, thats the head psychiatrist at basildon hospital, just to put your mind at ease.

I also took Citalopram for 8 years in a high dose so high that in the end they were not allowed to give it in that amount, it did very little for me, and i came off it after 8 years in a week, and was moved on to sertraline, its a drug that they can increase the dose of much higher than citalopram max of 40mg a day. if we were talking about drugs like diazapram it would be different, though i am also on these, gp's dont like to give them out, it is addictive and hard to come off of, doesnt worry me though as they help me, we are all different angel remember this you will get through this bad patch it does go down, it has to, VV


Hi. Vince. You are right, you do not get sectioned for anxiety. Perhaps a clarification is called for. REAL mental illness we are not capable of dealing with on this site and to give advice on that would be foolhardy. (This is my personal view which may not be shared by others). Nervous anxiety is a different matter, and is treatable with medication and other therapies. Everyone on this site seems to suffer with anxiety and we can therefore get together and help each other. If we come upon schizophrenia, paranoia or any psychosis then I suggest these illnesses need expert help not advice as on this site. We could, heaven forbid, make matters worse. I never counselled anyone with real mental illness as I regarded out completely outside my knowledge and experience. When I say 'float' I mean the opposite to 'fight'. Dr. Weekes talks about this in her book and I wont elaborate here. As for medication this should always be for short term use but some of us have to take it longer. There ia no such thing as the inability to withdraw provided you 'taper' the dosage. You GP can advise on this. There is a website about this from Professor Ashton. She spent many yaers in the study of withdrawal and give 'tapering' tables. Punch up 'Professor Ashton' on the web.

tjd. You say it is a constant 'battle' That is the very thing that I and Dr. Weekes suggest is self defeating. By 'battling' you create more anxiety and more fear. This is, as I said before, only my opinion. The best of luck to you and I hope you continue to make progress. Regards. jonathan.


Makes sense to me, might just be a misunderstanding me think, it is better to stay in the moment, its not what you will want to do, but believe me it does work, if you take the option to get out of there as quick as posible the anxiety just increases, its almost like doing the opposite to what you want to do just for the sake of getting one over on the anxiety, i make sure that when it starts to go up that i almost do things in slow motion, try diverting my mind telling myself no rush i got all the time in the world, well thats just what i do, good advice though jonathan and well put, all the best VV


Hi Angel

What works for one person, doesn't work for others. I have been on Sertraline for 10 years or more, and it suits me fine. I have had CBT and had other therapies. The holistic therapies also help me. I find medicine and therapies work well together.

I wish you well on your journey to recovery. x




did i go too far there, i do rammble on sometimes, three lines of great advice though ecinue, best wishes VV


Thank you all for your advice, I did get slightly freaked out when sectioning starting appearing on my screen!

I hope i just mis-read it!

You have all provided amazing words of support and encouragment

Thank you x


I too hav recently bin put on sertreline + they can make feel sick + give u an upset tummy 4 the first couple of days which is a very common side effect but if is the right medication 4 u it will b well worth it in the end + like i said it wears of in afew days. About wot somone said about not bein able 2 be sectioned 4 anxiety is true but u can b sectioned 4 other behavior which often acompanies it, like they trid 2 put me in hospital six weeks ago bcause i was severly stressed + depressed due 2 the constant anxiety i was under, this would hav bin volantry though. When u suffer frm anxiety u all so can often suffer frm other thins especialy depression as i do in which can lead 2 suicidal behavior.


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