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Anxiety, PTSD, or brain damage?

First of all hello everyone. I spent an awful lot of time reading your comments and experiences, and I think it's only fair I posted mine. I'm not happy that some of you guys are feeling really off, might feel even worse than me..but your posts helped me get through the night!

I'm 19 y/o and it all started in May 2014. After going to the doctor for a persistent cough (smoker, guilty) and getting no prescription, I decided to take over-the-counter Benylin cough syrup. I took a double dose twice that day by sheer mistake, and that night I had a royally severe.. "panic attack?" episode. It was a horrible nightmare that lasted a few hours with my heart rate racing off the charts, and I had to make my parents call 911 because I couldn't do it myself. At the hospital the doctor never said anything and told me to go home.

Ever since this incident, I've been having exaggerated symptoms of anxiety, exaggerated sensitivity to heat.. as if I was drunk ALL the time. Actually having a drink re-establishes some kind of feeling of normality for a little while..I don't feel "head pressure" so much.. and it seems like the "congestion" is temporarily gone. I also suddenly can't stand horror/action movies, or electronic music.. to the point where I'd get palpitations and dizziness, I need to stop watching or listening and go outside. I feel most anxious at night or sunset.. I feel weirdly sensitive to artificial light.. my eyes are red at the same spots no matter how much I sleep, it's so bad I stopped drinking coffee, and it didn't change. I feel dizzy..or disoriented..sometimes.

If I even let myself think there's something wrong with me, my body temperature suddenly seems to rise and I feel out of it, like a cycle I can't get out of.. especially when I'm having a conversation, I can space out for a minute without warning, then not realizing what happened, I lost track of what the other person was saying...that would make me feel retarded.

I had a tough 2 years of College, and had a rough time about everything concerning my future. My love life was emotionally unstable, and I basically felt like I had nothing under control. I finally got it resolved this year, everything is in place. I would expect that I wouldn't feel anxiety symptoms since it's all in place, but I do now like never..mystery.

I don't know what's up with me, I'm 20 y/o and this can't be serious...but it's affecting my everyday life..

I thought this "buzzed" feeling from the "Benylin" incident would go away in a few days.. but it has been 2 months and I'm scared... doctors don't know what it is, since I'm apparently fine physically... however I never had a brain scan.. no family history of Parkinson's (yes, it came up #2 post in Google search from my symptoms. It just had to, right??) or any other mental disorder.

P.S.: I take Yaz hormonal estrogen pills since 2 years..

Any of you think prolonged panic attacks can cause brain damage? I'm lost.

Thanks for reading, means a lot!


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Hi Firecandy. Just read your post. You've certainly been through a lot. I haven't got an awful lot of advice to give you as my medical knowledge is rather poor but one thing I do know is that prolonged panic attacks won't cause brain damage. If it did I don't think I'd be writing this at 48 yrs old! I do know when I've been through high stress my mind can totally cut off when I'm talking to someone, I then heat up( probably from embarrassment) and then get tongue tied as I can't remember what I was saying. Please be kind to yourself if this happens. You aren't brain damaged as thinking this will only give you more stress. If your doctor has given you a clean bill of health trust him/her. Look after yourself be eating well and some form of excercise. Realise that you won't feel well every day as no one does but on good days have fun,enjoy your youth. Lots love Sam xx


Nice to meet you Sam! I didn't think anyone would reply to my post here since i re-posted it somewhere else. I just saw your reply and I really appreciate it! Yes I want to enjoy my youth and to not be afraid to go out with friends because they'll be listening to loud music or having a drink..alcohol or even coffee, and I would lose control :p I am relieved that brain damage is not an option. Again, million thanks for the reply!


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