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Can you use magnesium if you are taking sedatives and other medication?

I had a lot of muscle pain lately and this may be because I'm in pre-menopause but I had my magnesium levels tested and they were at the low end of normal.

I got some diet recommendations but since I live in a nursing home I don't have a lot of control over my diet and also I am (or am afraid I am) allergic to nuts and seeds.

So I am thinking of taking magnesium tablets, but I'm on oxazepam (seresta), 10 mg in the morning, 5 mg at 15.00, 10 mg at 20.00 and 5 mg before bed. And also on Alprazolam (Xanax), this is 0,25 mg at noon and 0,25 mg at 17.00. I also take antidepressants.

I'm afraid it will interact and make my muscles all weak and I will swallow my tonge or something (which is already a fear of mine).

Does anyone know anything about this?

Thank you,


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Hi Sterre.

I think you ask your doctor about this,and take their advice.

I'm sure your nursing home will help if you need a special diet



Thank you for your answer.

Since my ward moved to an outside location, we can't get much when it comes to food. For example, we could say which vegetable we couldn;t tolerate or even just don't liked and we would get something else. Now we just get one vegetable, if you don't like it and/or can't digest it, buy your own canned vegetables and heat them up in the microwave.

Alas this is not a good idea for leafy green vegetables, which are rich in magnesium.

They hardly come in cans. And would probably taste awful if they did!

The nutritionist suggested all bran, I now have the flakes even though the sticks have more magnesium, but they also have an awful lot of fibre and I'm not used to that anymore and have IBS.

Also low fat cheese spread, rice crackers and tortilla chips.

I eat that, but how much cheese spread can you eat per day, or rice crackers? Eating them instead of bread wasn't a good option she said. So it's hard to get good amounts of magnesium.

Anyway I will indeed ask a doctor.


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