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Heart anxiety and setraline - please help

Its been a while since i last wrote on here. I thought i had defeated the anxiety but after a few hard weeks its back with a vengence. Im totally freaking out about my heart and last night had an awful panic attack. I keep thinking my heart will stop and its making me extremely anxious and paranoid.

Doctor has prescribed me with 50g of setraline. This is day 5 and is making me feel a but crap and my symptoms are still there. Can anyone relate to these symptoms and will the medication start to work? I need rid of these symptoms. Its ruining my life.

Thank you x

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hi Nicola, o/h been on sertraline for about a year now, she felt the same as you after a few days, but after 2 weeks they were in her system and she started to feel a lot happier, sertraline has a good record of helping people with anxietys, so stick with it, hope this helps. love jasper xx


Hi Nicola,

Yes I can relate to your situation. I'm going through a trot at the moment where the anxiety has come back after having given me a break for awhile. More than anything, it's just plain annoying. Yet I feel fear still, as much as I know it's irrational.

I feel scared to go to sleep and I don't know why. This is something I've been doing every single day of my life. Crazy stuff, right? Just tell my subconscious that! Also, a reasonably new symptom: when I yawn, my hands go funny. It's also a 'strange' yawn. Plus my stomach feels like it's just had a tooth extracted. Eckkkk, it's just the anxiety.

I suppose I'm just so so so exhausted from not sleeping real good, and that's having an effect. So there is the anxiety, then there are the symptoms, or is it maybe that I have another affliction, causing the symptoms and therefore, the anxiety. Or both? What came first? The chicken or the egg? This is getting too deep.

I'm on Setraline 25mg, a low dose. The doc says it can take 4 - 6 weeks to kick in. It's been about 4 weeks, now. I did go through a good run a few weeks ago, which I chalked up to the Setraline (Zoloft). People say that you can have some down times on it before you get the good times, so given all that, maybe it hasn't kicked in fully, yet.

Also, I'm on some diet supplements from a naturopath. They may be doing some good, too. But I don't know for sure. I certainly don't get the bad panic attacks anymore, thankfully.

I think, to answer your question, the Setraline will do you some good in a few weeks. I've heard lots of good about it, and really not much bad. I know how you feel, I want to rid myself AND YOU of these symptoms! Don't lose heart, though, this demon CAN BE DEFEATED.

Take it easy,



Thank you for the replies. I will stick with it and hopefully feel better soon. Im sick if this now and i need to overcome it. Xx


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