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anxiety panic attacks

my first panic was dizzy..lightheaded..heart pounding skip beats..i was so scared that i thought i was havn a heart attack!! since that day i been havn sometime panic attacks..i be scared to go out sometimes thinkn ima pass out n die etc..right now i been calm but the problem is i thnk too much of my health like heart health..sometimes i be thinkn i hav a heart disease..cardiac arrest etc..i dont thnk that much of

that like that no more becuz when i do i lose control head feels heavy..thank god im ok im more calm and now what worries me is that i be feeling weak my chest aches etc..i havnt check my self for 3yrs but finally i physical doctor said your heart is fine etc u jus need to bring up HDL n lower LDL and tryglecorides other then that im jus suks being like this..can somwbody help me out or anybody suffering from this?

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I suffer from identical symptoms. It is incredibly scary some days. My doctor put me on Clonazepam - two tablets daily. (.5MG). It helps calm me down, but in the back of my head I am still constantly worried.


i havnt take any medicTions or seen a doctor..yesterday i had my 3rd panic attack..i cried because im so tired of it i wanna be my normal

self again


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