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This may sound extremely insensitive, but sometimes I wish I actually had cancer or a brain tumor or congestive heart failure. Because at least then I wouod know exactly what I am dealing with. I could face it head on and it would be real . Instead of all these strange symptoms that make no sense.

But yet control every single dang thing I do. Ugh frustrating

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Awe sending you hugs as I know just how you feel and I have also felt that way many times. So tired of feeling like I'm dying when I'm not.

It's so unfair that we have been faced with this challenge but also remember god doesn't give us more than we can handle. On your good days do you feel you are stronger because of this?

Hang in there and message me anytime I will try n help the best I can.

Take a deep breathe and relax. Hope you have a wondeful day :)


am I right in thinking you want something with a recognised name? one where people, including ourselves, immediately know and understand?

because anxiety is real, and I really do feel for you.

have you been offered any help with your anxiety? meds? or counselling? - sometimes finding the right ones can take a while, but they are out there (mostly).

there are techniques that be used, even if it's firstly learning how to listen to your breathing and regulate it; taking & doing, things in smaller stages.

many people have and are in the same place where you are now.

you are not alone.

here we do know how anxiety affects lives.

we understand how it can make us feel.

I hope this may help.




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