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First post here

I had anxiety problems when I was a children about death after my grandfather sadly die and I was very close to him. I also dyslexia and didn't get a special needs statement untill I was 23 years of age. I struggle through out my school and was unable to read untill I was 16 years. From their I have improved alot from college courses for pre veterinary nursing. I know in my last 6 months of college and I on my last attempt for paper 2 which o fail three times. I feel like it all lends from their anxiety as now 27years ald and have for this for the last 10 years of my life. I not she its is anxietyor dyslexia or both.

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Hi madcat

I am sorry this is your first post & to see no replies , hopefully as members see your post they will come on & say hello :-)

I am sorry about the loss of your Granddad & loosing a loved can have an affect on us as it did you , but I am sure your Granddad will be very proud of all you have achieved even though you have dyslexia , yet there you are at college training to be a veterinary nurse :-)

Do they give you some support with your dyslexia , I would presume they do but ask for all the extra help that college can provide maybe if you are struggling you could ask to see a counselor that colleges usually have available or speak to your tutor about your concerns if you have not already

I know you will feel anxious over these exams & especially as you have failed one a couple of times , but keep going as you have done so well you should be so proud of yourself & you will get there :-)

Have you been to speak to your GP about your anxiety & how you feel

You may benefit from so counselling that could be arranged by your GP & all the support we can get really does help

Take Care





Thank for the reply. First my college is basic 3 class rooms plus a library. There is no dyslexia tutor or support unit, so basically I all alone at the college. But I do have support works colleges whom try to help me. I been to the doctor whom have put me on anxiety and depression tablets and the college is aware of it

Not sure their is a link between me failing the test or it be abit of a bad year for me so far.



Glad to hear you have some support in college & that you have seen your GP

I hope the meds are helping but if you find they are not don't be afraid to go back & have another word with your doctor

You are so right though , my son was at college & his first couple of years he was there he flew through it yet this last year he has struggled mainly with the theory side & he started to feel down about it all

They were allowed to keep taking the exams till they passed & he did in the end but maybe the course you are on you cant

How ever listening to him over the last 3 years some of his friends went back & did the same year again the following year & then passed , maybe this is something you could do if it came to that but you could still very well pass :-)

I think when we have anxiety we can be very hard on ourselves & yet reading your post you have done so well , I hope maybe you might be able to focus on that & feel proud :-



Hi Madcat,

First off, I am sorry for your loss. The death of a loved one is debilitating and painful. I am still grieving the loss of my cousin. My anxiety really took hold during college. I had almost zero anxiety as a freshman but considered dropping out as a senior due to its severity. I made it through with the help of disability services and open communication with my professors. Do not be afraid to ask for accommodations such as alternative assignments or extended time on exams...your professors want to help you succeed!


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