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Someone please tell me I'm not going crazy??

I've been dealing with stomach issues they are starting to go away.

What do I wake up to this morning??

My outer left hip through groin area felt numb with a stinging pain. My leg just feels of and I am feeling short of breath.


Like why can't I just get a break from all of this???

At the back of my head, because I've been dealing with inner thigh groin pain, I've had a worry that, what if it's a clot that is taking over my whole pelvic and leg area?

I've read it happened to a couple of people :(.

Could it be my mind a making these things up??

I've noticed that around the time of the month I get leg pains, that's when I'm on here freaking out about clots :(.

Groin is swollen at times and tender to touch.

Doctor told me pain gets worse with the clot red swelling fever, but I also know it can be different for everyone.

I have a sensitive spot on my lower back. I've always told them they tell me sciatica BUT that the pain should be in a lower location then where I have it.

So if they aren't sure, shouldn't they try to figure it out??

Instead of saying its anxiety and possible sciatica??

I'm already in a dark spot very dark spot right now :(

Thing after thing after thing it's getting impossible for me to "look at the bright side"

Sometimes I think they are just letting me go through this so they can see how long I last before I commit suicide or get committed cause why would they make me go this long without a proper diagnosis, all the other times they did the ultrasound of my legs I felt like the were just pretending to check just to ease my mind, :/

I'm tired of this!!

I'm loosing it aren't i??

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I went to the hospital a month ago. Thinking I was dying. They said it was a panic attack. And so did my doctor. Although your symptoms and what you seem to be worried about is different from Mine and what I deal with. It comes down to these weird feelings bring on anxiety you begin to focus on the weird feeling or pain which causes you to become even more anxious which then in my case makes me angry causes me to lash out and think they are wrong and there has to be something wrong with me. That maybe there is someone out to get me or too lazy to actually put in the work to actually give me a real reason for why I feel this way. But at the end of the day. There are apparently so many of us that experience the same thing day to day, that it's okay to feel like we're going crazy. Cuz hell we probably are. But we're also okay. And no matter how hard the episode of pain or anxiety becomes. When it's over were okay. And will be okay. This might not have helped Ur particular case. I just want to let you know. There are a lot of people going through this awful thing with you maybe not the same as you. But are in the same boat. I hope everything works out and I hope you can find something that helps you ease your mind.



Thank you for responding,

You did help, and you are right we will be okay after it, we have to force ourselves to see it but it's there.

I'm already going 2 months straight and it's at a breaking point.

But somewhere deep down I know I'll b okay it's just hard for me right now to see it clearly you know??



Thank you for your response on mine. All those feelings i the temple and in the head are the worst ones. And like you said everyday. Makes you feel like just laying down and giving up. Another thing that helps me is having someone I can call and talk to that comforts me. My mom also has anxiety but she has been medicated for a few years so she's been through the roughest points. I call her and she calms me down. Cause I know she knows what's going on with me.



I know what you mean about wanting to give up.

But my babies keep me going.

That's great you have someone to call and talk to about it:)

I don't feel comfortable around anyone to talk about my "issues" so i come on here its great so far.


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